1. Carbon from the atmosphere is converted into biological matter by photosyntesis.
  2. It is commonly accepted that the amount of carbon stored in dry wood is approximately 50% by weight.
  3. Biomass which is not simply burned as fuel may be processed in other ways such as corn.
  4. Biomass refers to living and recently dead biological material that can be used as fuel or for industrial production.
  5. Increasing demand is expected for bio-fuels and other agricultural products used in industrial processor.
  6. Scientists will be needed to apply these technologies to the creation of new food products and other advances.
  7. Agricultural scientists will be needed to find ways to increase the output of crops used in these products.
  8. These agricultural subsidies are often linked to the production of certain commodities such as wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, and milk.
  9. Agronomist will also be needed to balance increased agricultural output with protection and preservation of soil, water, and ecosystems.
  10. The fuel excludes organic material which has been transformed by geological processes into substances such as coal or petroleum.
  11. Oilseed is used mainly for margarine and other food oils, but it can be modified to produce fatty acids for detergents, substitute fuels and petrochemicals.
  12. Agronomists today are involved with many issues including producing food, creating healthier food, managing environtmental impacts, and creating energy from plants.

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