Lesson 14 Conv. Part 03

Two College Students
In this conversation two new college students have an introductory talk and become friends. They are sitting in the library.
Henry: Hello! May I know your name please?
Mukesh: I am Mukesh. And what’s your good name please?
Henry: My name is Henry. I am glad to talk to you. I recently took admission in B.A. English Hons.
Mukesh: I am also a new student. I have taken B.A. Pass. Have you liked this college?
Henry: Definitely. It is a reputed college. I appreciate (admire, praise) it for its strict discipline and good teachers.
Mukesh: I agree. Library of this college is also impressive. It has a lot of useful books.
Henry: Yes, it is true. Where do you live?
Mukesh: I live at Tilak Nagar, and you?
Henry: I live at Timarpur. What are your parents?
Mukesh: My father is an I.A.S. officer in finance ministry, and my mother is a teacher.
Henry: You have well-educated parents.
Mukesh: What about your parents?
Henry: My father is a businessman. He exports ready-made garments. And my mother is a housewife. Though we have two cars yet my parents insist (demand or say firmly) that
I should go to college by bus.
Mukesh: I think travelling by bus is more comfortable. I myself come by bus.
Henry: But I dislike buses. There is rush and they never come on time. State government is not managing the bus service properly.
Mukesh: What are your hobbies?
Henry: I have only one hobby – playing cricket.
Mukesh: I also like cricket. But I play only on Sunday. Are you a batsman or bowler?
Henry: I am a batsman. I was captain of my school cricket team. Though my parents keep criticising me for my cricket craze.
Mukesh: Now it is time to attend the class. We shall meet again after the class.
Henry: Oh sure!

Salesman: Good morning sir!
Customer: Good morning!
Salesman: How can I help you sir?
Customer: I want to purchase a gift for my sister to give it on her birthday.
Salesman: How old is she?
Customer: She is only eight years old. It should be something beautiful and unique.
Salesman: You know ours is the biggest gift shop in West Delhi. We have a large collection of gift items. Please come to this side. I shall show you the latest items.
Customer: Suggest me the items that can make my sister happy?
Salesman: You can buy this imported doll. It speaks English and sings wonderful songs.
Customer: Oh, it is really a beautiful doll.
Salesman: Yes, This doll is very popular among the female children.
Customer: Can you tell me how to operate it?
Salesman: Yes, push this red button and it will start speaking English, and when you push this blue button it starts singing.
Customer: What is its price?
Salesman: Only Rs.1350/-
Customer: It’s a costly item. Anyway, pack it. I don’t like bargaining. I hope you will charge reasonably.
Salesman: Don’t worry. We deal with our customers sincerely and take minimum price. Otherwise how can we get permanent customers?
Customer: Also show me some picture books which can increase the general knowledge of my sister.
Salesman: We have a lot of such books. Here are some excellent books. They are not only interesting but also good for gaining general knowledge. See the beautiful pictures and high quality paper.
Customer: How much have I to pay for these five books?
Salesman: Rs.350/- only.
Customer: Please pack these books also. Now tell me the minimum amount I have to pay.
Salesman: The total amount is Rs.1700/-. Please pay me Rs.1625/- only. I have minimised my profit.
Customer: Here are Rs.2000/-. Please give me cash receipt and balance amount.
Salesman: Sir, here is the cash-receipt and the balance. Thanks for your nice visit.

Cricket Match
Monu: What are you doing Tony?
Tony: I am praying to God to help India win the match.
Monu: Don’t worry. India is definitely going to win this match.
Tony: Why are you so sure? Four wickets are already down and Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj are unable to face the fast balling attack.
Monu: Both these batsman are just trying to settle down with singles. Soon they will start hitting fours.
Tony: If India loses this match to Pakistan it will be a disgrace for the country. I am very tensed.
Monu: It is not a war my friend. Enjoy it like a game. Victory and defeat are part of it.
Tony: How can we enjoy if our enemy wins?
Monu: Don’t worry. Indian players are in good form and they are more confident. See, Yuvraj has hit a sixer.
Tony: If India wins I shall give you a party.
Monu: Pakistan has made only 275 in 50 overs. India will be able to chase the target.
Tony: It is surprising Sachin and Saurav Ganguly didn’t make runs today.
Monu: They are passing through a bad period. There form is not going well.
Tony: Laxman and Sehwag gave us a good start. But now India has lost 5 wickets. They still have to make 100 runs.
Monu: See Dravid hits a four. Both these batsmen are gaining confidence. They will definitely have a good partnership.
Tony: Then India may win. But we can’t say anything surely in cricket. Anything can happen.
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Admission in School
Anita: Excuse me madam. I want to get my brother admitted in your school.
Receptionist: Welcome. Please meet Admission In-charge Mrs. Mehta in room no.7.
Anita: Thanks.
Receptionist: It’s all right.
Anita: Excuse me Mrs. Mehta. I want some information about the admission of my brother. I want to get him admitted in 9th class.
Mrs. Mehta: Please have a seat. From which school has your brother passed 8th class?
Anita: He has passed his 8th from S.D.Public School.
Mrs. Mehta: Why do you want to get him admitted in our school?
Anita: That school is upto 8th standard only. Moreover, your school is famous for discipline and good study.
Mrs. Mehta: How much percentage has your brother got?
Anita: He has got 87% marks. He is very intelligent.
Mrs. Mehta: Though he has got good marks yet to take admission in our school he has to appear for the entrance test. It will be held on 20th April.
Anita: Has he to fill up any form to appear for this test?
Mrs. Mehta: Yeah. This is our prospectus and this is the form for the entrance test.
Anita: Would you tell me about the total charges that we have to deposit for taking an admission?
Mrs. Mehta: Everything is written in the prospectus.
Anita: How much have I to pay for the prospectus?
Mrs. Mehta: Rs.100/- only.
Anita: Here are Rs.100/-. Thanking you.

Stress of Board Exams

Uncle: Raju! What are you doing?
Raju: Good evening uncle! I am watching a movie.
Uncle: Good evening my son! So now you are out of exam stress.
Raju: Yes uncle. It was a long and stressful period. I need some fun now to relax my mind.
Uncle: Have you performed well in all the papers?
Raju: I am satisfied with my performance although I had to leave 10 marks questions in Mathematics and 15 marks questions in Science papers.
Uncle: Didn’t you know the answers?
Raju: I knew all the answers but due to lack of time I was unable to write the answers.
Uncle: It happens with most of the students. How many marks do you expect?
Raju: I expect above 80% marks because I have written good answers.
Uncle: What will you do in your vacation now?
Raju: I shall improve my communication skills in English because without it there is no future. Nobody can get a good job anywhere. Actually I lack fluency in speaking.
Uncle: It’s a good idea. What do you intend to do after your result?
Raju: I want to do BCA. I shall also join a diploma course in software engineering.
Uncle: It’s an IT era. So many young men are crazy to ride the wave.
Raju: India is a rising economy, and second biggest in software engineering. This field is full of good opportunities.
Uncle: The bell is ringing. Open the door. Probably your dad has come.

Asking For Address

Rakesh: Excuse me please. Could you tell me the way to Moti Nagar ?
Passer-by: Yes please. Go straight on this road for about 2 kms. There you will find Fun Republic. Just turn to left after it. You will be at Moti Nagar.
Rakesh: Thanks.
Passer-by: Welcome.
Rakesh: (From a passer-by at Moti Nagar) Excuse me. Where can I locate this house B-32?
Passer-by: Whose house is it?
Rakesh: Dr. Ravi Verma’s. He is a popular person.
Passer-by: Yes. I know him. You can locate this house very easily. (Indicating towards a juice corner). Turn right from that juice corner, and go straight. After 60-70 steps you will find Durga Temple on right side. Ask any body there………
Rakesh: (From a shopkeeper near Durga Temple). Could you tell me where Dr. Ravi Verma lives ?
Shopkeeper: Yes, why not. Are you his relative?
Rakesh: Of course, I am. He is my uncle. But how have you guessed it ? You seem an astrologer ?
Shopkeeper: (Laughing) I am not an astrologer. Your face resembles his face.
Rakesh: How far is his house from here ?
Shopkeeper: Less than 20 steps. Turn left from there. You will see a park. Dr. Verma’s kothi, having a big black gate, is at the corner.
Rakesh: Thanks.

At The Sari Shop

Seller: Good evening madam!
Customer: Good evening!
Seller: Please be seated. What would you like to have, cold or hot ?
Customer: Just a glass of cold water. It is very hot today….
Seller: Yes ma’m, what can I do for you? Would you like saris or suits?
Customer: Please show me different varieties of Manipuri Saris.
Seller: Sure ma’m…… Here the saris are. These are indeed very pretty. You can see different colours & designs.
Customer: Please show me more designs & bright colours.
Seller: These are beautiful saris in bright colours.
Customer: (Picking up a sari) This is the sari I was looking for.
Seller: It is unique, rarely available in the market. Your choice is appreciable.
Customer: O.K. Tell me its price.
Seller: Yes, its price is Rs.2,650/- only
Customer: The price is too much. Won’t you give me any discount.
Seller: Sorry ma’m, our rates are fixed and minimum in the market. We don’t want to waste the precious time of our customers in bargaining (act of buying/offering something at a low price).
Customer: O.K. pack it. Now show me some simple saris for wearing in the office.
Seller: I am showing you some latest designs of Paraag saris. These are so attractive that you would like to buy at lease half a dozen. The colour matching of these saris is excellent.
Customer: (After selecting two saris) Please pack these two saris.
Seller: Do you need anything else ma’m? We also have a good variety of suits.
Customer: Nothing else. How much have I to pay?
Seller: Only Rs.4350/-

Buying a Computer

Ruchi: Excuse me! Could you suggest me a good computer?
Salesgirl: Please have a seat. Would you tell me the configuration?
Ruchi: I exactly don’t know what the configuration should be. It must have enough power to help me operate Internet easily and do my graphic works comfortably.
Salesgirl: You can go for 2GB MHz with 15” colour monitor. Would you like to get a computer assembled?
Ruchi: No, I want HCL. I think it is the best one.
Salesgirl: Certainly. It is HCL’s latest model.
Ruchi: It’s beautiful computer. What’s its price?
Salesgirl: Rs.34,000/- only.
Ruchi: Is there any discount?
Salesgirl: There is no discount. Prices are fixed. But under the company’s scheme you will get one HP printer free with this computer.
Ruchi: How much warranty is there on computer?
Salesgirl: It has one year onsite warranty. But this is a good computer. It won’t give any problem.
Ruchi: Please get it packed and help me to keep it in my car.
Salesgirl: Sure ma’am…. This is your bill ma’am.
Ruchi: Here is amount of the bill. Please count it.
Salesgirl: Thanks.

Buying Shoes

Shopkeeper: Welcome, sir! Have a seat please. Would you take a cold drink?
Sunny: No, thanks. Do you have Liberty shoes?
Shopkeeper: Certainly, sir! What size do you wear?
Sunny: Size 9 and black colour. Please show me the latest designs only.
Shopkeeper: Don’t worry sir. We have beautiful and the latest designs and maximum variety. Try this shoe.
Sunny: It is bit tight.
Shopkeeper: Sorry sir, I brought size 8 by mistake….. Please try this one.
Sunny: Yes, it fits well. And it is comfortable too. But its design is not much good.
Shopkeeper: Here are other designs.
Sunny: I have liked this pair. What is its price?
Shopkeeper: Rs.1500/- only.
Sunny: Oh! It’s too much. Who will come to your shop if you loot the customers? Please tell me the minimum price.
Shopkeeper: It’s an excellent and durable pair. And how beautiful it looks. The price is reasonable. You know we never overcharge. Still we are giving you 5% discount as you are our old customer.
Sunny: I won’t give you more than 1200/-. Give it or I am going. I am in a hurry.
Shopkeeper: We don’t want to annoy you as you are our old customer. Now we are giving up our profit. Please give only Rs.1300/-
Sunny: I’ll give you Rs.1250/- only, not even a single rupee more…..say yes or no…..
Shopkeeper: OK., be happy sir. It is our first sale today. Take it.
Sunny: Please don’t pack it, I am going to wear it just now…..

A Guest At Home

Rita: Good evening uncle! How are you? I am so happy to see you today.
Uncle: I am fine my daughter. And how do you do?
Rita: Quite well. Please come in uncle.
Uncle: Where are your parents?
Rita: Papa is out of station, and Mummy has just gone to market.
Uncle: Where has your father gone?
Rita: He has gone to Jaipur on business.
Uncle: But he had asked me to meet him today as he wanted to talk over some matter.
Rita: Actually he had to go suddenly in the morning today because there was an urgent business call from Jaipur. And he had rung you up at your home at 8 a.m but no one picked up the phone. He had told me that you would come and he instructed me to inform you about his sudden departure. He will come back in the evening tomorrow and he will contact you then.
Uncle: When will your mother return from the market?
Rita: Probably she’ll be back after half an hour. Would you have water uncle?
Uncle: Oh yes………. Are you doing B.A. Rita?
Rita: Yes, I am studying in B.A. 2nd year.
Uncle: In which college?
Rita: In Kalindi college. And uncle, what is your daughter Madhuri doing?
Uncle: You know she completed her graduation last year. These days she is doing a computer course. She remembers you a lot.
Rita: I will ring her up. I must prepare tea now.
Uncle: My child, there is no need for tea. I am leaving. Ask your papa to telephone me as soon as he comes back from Jaipur. Good night my child!
Rita: Good night uncle!


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