Lesson 13 Conv. Part 02

Birthday Party

Mohit: Hello John, how are you?
John: I am fine. How are you Mohit? Do you remember, it is Sunny’s birthday today?
Mohit: How can I forget the birthday of such a nice friend. Are you going?
John: Definitely. At what time will you go?
Mohit: At 7 p.m. Why don’t you come to my house. We’ll go together in my car.
John: OK. I’ll come. Have you bought any present for Sunny?
Mohit: Not yet. I am unable to decide. And what have you bought?
John: I’ll give him Rs.101/- cash.
Mohit: We should give him a nice gift. We can also buy a combined gift for him.
John: Good idea. Let’s buy a good watch for him. Or suggest other gifts.
Mohit: There may be other gifts like cricket bat, a set of pens etc.
John: Sunny is fond of playing cricket. Why don’t we buy a good bat and a ball.
Mohit: Let’s go to market then.
(At Sunny’s House)
John: Hello dear Sunny! How are you feeling today?
Mohit: You are looking very smart.
Sunny: (angrily) I don’t want to talk to you. Have you got time to attend my birthday? Where have you been? Why are you so late?
Mohit: In fact we got late in the market.
John: We are extremely (very much) sorry. Haven’t you cut the cake as yet?
Sunny: How can I? I was to cut the cake at 7.30pm. Now it is 8.00. I have been anxiously waiting for you.
John: Now cheer up and cut the cake. We have brought a wonderful gift for you. Where are the candles and the matchbox? Let me light the candles. Call all the friends and other guests in this room.
Mohit: Where is the photographer? Haven’t you arranged a camera?
Sunny: Are you seeing a camera there?
Mohit: Yeah .
Sunny: Then pick it up and become a photographer.
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Opening a bank Account

Harish: Good morning, sir!
Account: Good morning! What can I do for you?
Harish: I want to open an account in your bank.
Account: Which type of account do you want to open ?
Harish: I want to open a saving bank account.
Account: Please fill this form and get this introduced by a person who has an account in this bank.
Harish: How much money is needed to open the account?
Account: You can open an SB A/c with minimum amount of Rs.1000/- only.
Harish: Will you also issue me a cheque book.
Account: You will get a cheque book, and you will have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.1000/-
Harish: Thank you. When shall I come to open an account?
Account: Come any time between 10am to 1pm.
Harish: Thanks for this information.
Account: It’s my pleasure.

Buying a Mobile

Visitor: Excuse me.
Salesgirl: Welcome, sir!
Visitor: Could you show me a good mobile phone?
Salesgirl: Between which range sir?
Visitor: Any good camera phone.
Salesgirl: Please come to this side. Here are a few latest models of Nokia, LG and Samsung.
Visitor: What is the price of this Nokia model.
Salesgirl: It is latest model from Nokia. Its price is Rs.23,000/-
Visitor: It is really very costly.
Salesgirl: But it has great features.
Visiter: How much is the resolution of its camera?
Salesgirl: It’s 1.3 mega pixel. Printing result will be excellent. And it has a video recording of one hour. Now you can shoot any function at your home and enjoy that movie on your computer.
Visitor: It is really a fine mobile. If I pay you in cash how much will you charge?
Salesgirl: I shall give you this phone in 22,000.
Visitor: I won’t give you more than 20,000.
Salesgirl: Sorry sir! Not even a 100 rupees less. I have told you a very reasonable price.
Visitor: Will you give receipt and warranty card?
Salesgirl: Definitely sir!
Visitor: How much is this Samsung camera mobile?
Salesgirl: Rs.12000/- only. It has a rotating camera. It has no video recording.
Visitor: I shall go for Nokia 6630. I shall definitely buy it tomorrow.
Salesgirl: Most welcome.
Talking to Sachin Tendulkar

Rishi: Hello! Am I talking to Sachin?
Sachin: Of course. Who is there?
Rishi: I am Rishi from Delhi. I have been trying to talk to you for many days. I am happy you are attending my call.
Sachin: Whenever I have time I do talk to my fans. Rishi, in which class do you study?
Rishi: In 12th class. You are a great cricketer. I love your batting.
Sachin: Thanks for your appreciation Rishi.
Rishi: You always seem full of confidence.
Sachin: I always pray to God and He keeps me free from pressure.
Rishi: Although you are a great cricketer yet you too have seen many bad phases in your career.
Sachin: Every player passes through a bad period. I am also not in a good form always. It is part of the game.
Rishi: Can you guide me about the secret of your success?
Sachin: I have worked very hard in life. A person must be very dedicated and willing to sacrifice many things to attain success.
Rishi: I want to meet you. Will you give me time?
Sachin: Next month I may be in Delhi for 15 days. You can call me next month. I shall definitely meet you.
Rishi: Thanking you very much.
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Calling a Doctor

Ravi Khanna: Hello! Is it Vandana Clinic?
Receptionist: Yes.
Ravi Khanna: Can I talk to Dr. M.K. Sethi?
Dr. Sethi: Hello!
Ravi Khanna: Good Morning Dr. Sethi! I am Khanna from house no. D-7. My grandfather is seriously ill. He needs immediate treatment. Can you come here to attend him please?
Dr. Sethi: Sorry, I am unable to leave my clinic at this time. You will have to bring the patient to my clinic.
Ravi Khanna: The condition of the patient is very serious. He can’t be moved to your clinic.
Dr. Sethi: But how can I abandon other serious patients at my clinic? Everybody can’t be treated at the same time. Call an ambulance and get the patient admitted in hospital.
Ravi Khanna: Hospital is very far. You are near, so only you can save him. I request you again to please come.
Dr. Sethi: OK. I am coming. Immediately send someone to pick me up.
Ravi Khanna: Thanking you very much doctor. •••
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Breakfast Table

Mother: Chintu! Where are you? You are getting late for school. Take your breakfast.
Chintu: What is there in the breakfast, Mom? I won’t eat apple. I’ll just take bread with butter.
Father: My child, apple is good for health.
Chintu: But I don’t like.
Mother: Take bread and butter. I am giving you just a small piece of apple. It will improve your brain-power.
Chintu: O.K. I’ll take a small piece.
Ritika: Papa, sandwitch is very tasty. Would you have one more?
Father: Thanks my daughter. Now hurry up, you may get late for school. It is 7.20 now. ….. Ranjana! Have you packed their lunch?
Mother: Yes, I have. What would you take, tea or coffee?
Father: Half cup tea. Ritika! How is your study going on?
Ritika: I have some problem in understanding one poem. Would you help?
Father: Why not, remind me at night.

Ordering Pizza

Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut. How can I help you?
Customer: I would like to order two pizzas please.
Pizza Hut: OK. I am transferring your call to home delivery department. Wait for a moment pelase.
Home DD: Welcome sir! What would you like to order?
Customer: Two standard size veg. pizzas.
Home DD: Anything else sir!
Customer: Nothing else.
Home DD: Can I have your name and address please?
Customer: Oh sure. My name is………… and the address is………………..
Home DD: And phone no.?
Customer: It is 98…………
Home DD: Can you tell me about any landmark that can help our boy to locate your house easily?
Customer: My house is near the community centre….. How long will you take to deliver?
Home DD: About 20 minutes sir.
Customer: How much have I to pay to your delivery boy?
Home DD: Only Rs.130/- sir.
Customer: Thanks.
Home DD: Welcome. Bye for now.

Shopping Programme

Raman: Hello Tony! What are you doing?
Tony: Nothing special. How have you remembered me today?
Raman: Are you free in the evening?
Tony: Yes. Have you to go somewhere?
Raman: Let’s go for shopping. I have to buy dresses.
Tony: From where will you buy?
Raman: From Rajouri Garden.
Tony: Things are costlier there, still you run to that market again and again. You can get more variety at cheaper rates in Karol Bagh.
Raman: I have to spend money, then what’s your problem?
Tony: As you wish. When shall we go?
Raman: Reach my home at 5 in the evening. My car is out of order. We shall go on your bike.
Tony: What about burger and Coke?
Raman: We shall go to Bikanerwala. You can take there whatever you want.
Tony: OK, I shall come at 5.

Asking For Money

Rajani: Is it 25834243? I am Rajani speaking. Can I talk to Dimple?
Mani: I am Dimple’s brother Mani. Hold on please. I am just calling Dimple.
Rajani: Thank you.
Dimple: Hello, who is speaking?
Rajani: Hello Dimple, I am Rajani. How are you?
Dimple: I am excellent. And how are you?
Rajani: Fine. Today I am ringing to ask for a small favour.
Dimple: It’s my pleasure. What can I do for you?
Rajani: I urgently need some money.
Dimple: How much money do you need?
Rajani: Actually I am buying a car. And I am short of Rs.20,000/- only.
Dimple: All right. How can I say no to you? Can you wait till tomorrow? I shall have to withdraw money from the bank tomorrow.
Rajani: Thanking you very much Dimple. At what time shall I come to you to collet this money?
Dimple: Any time after 10.30 a.m.
Rajani: O.K. I shall reach your home at 11 a.m.
Dimple: And, will you be able to return my money after 3 months? I may need it then at the occasion on my brother’s marriage. Please don’t mind.
Rajani: Don’t worry Dimple, I shall return it just after a month. I am thankful to you. See you tomorrow, bye!

Calling a Friend

Vimal: Hello, Rocky! What’s the problem with you? You have not been coming to college for three days?
Rocky: In fact, I got viral fever.
Vimal: At least you should have called.
Rocky: I called once but you were not at home. Your brother attended the phone.
Vimal: Probably he forgot to tell. How are you now?
Rocky: Now I am better. I may attend the college after 2 days.
Vimal: From where are you taking treatment?
Rocky: From Dr. M.C. Midha, our family doctor.
Vimal: Is he an MBBS doctor?
Rocky: Yes, he is.
Vimal: I am coming to meet you in the evening today. I miss you a lot at college.
Rocky : I am also feeling sad without friends.


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