Lesson 12 Conv. Part 01

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Bobby: For how many hours do you watch TV everyday?
Aman: Mostly for one hour. On holidays I may watch for even two hours or more.
Bobby: Why do you watch television?
Aman: I watch it for information and entertainment.
Bobby: Do you watch movies too?
Aman: I don’t have enough time to watch movies. I hardly watch one movie a month.
Bobby: Are movies good for our society?
Aman: Most of them are not. They waste our time and energy. People don’t learn anything good from them.
Bobby: Do you like any advertisement?
Aman: I like creative advertisements.
Bobby: Which is your favourite TV channel?
Aman: I like to watch sports channel ESPN.
Bobby: Are you very interested in sports?
Aman: Of course I am.
Bobby: What do you expect from a TV programme?
Aman: A TV programme should be informative and encouraging. It should help us develop our personality.
Bobby: Don’t you watch any other channel?
Aman: I also watch Discovery, History and some news channels.
Bobby: Do you think TV really benefits our society?
Aman: TV is both beneficial and harmful. Good programmes help us to live a better life. Bad and vulgar programmes have negative effect on us.
Bobby: Is TV changing our kids too?
Aman: It is definitely changing. It is improving their brain power. But some programmes may have a very bad impact on their psychology.
Bobby: What is your opinion about cartoon films?
Aman: Most of the cartoon movies refresh our mind. Such films can convey a powerful message in very simple way.
Life in Delhi

Shiva: Since when have you been living in Delhi?
Akram: I have been living here since my birth.
Shiva: Can you tell me something about Delhi?
Akram: Of course (certainly).
Shiva: Which type of people live here?
Akram: Delhi is a cosmopolitan city. People from all the states of India have settled here.
Shiva: Does your city have everything you need?
Akram: Yes, it has. It also has the best educational and medical facilities in India.
Shiva: Are you satisfied with public transport facility?
Akram: It is satisfactory. Government is trying to improve it further with Metro train network.
Shiva: Have you traveled by Metro?
Akram: Many times. It is an excellent train.
Shiva: Have you seen the international airport?
Akram: I haven’t yet seen the airport.
Shiva: Is this city clean and well-planned?
Akram: Many areas are old and dirty. There are also areas which are clean and well-planned.
Shiva: In which college are you studying?
Akram: I am studying in Ramjas College, University of Delhi.
Shiva: Do you like the university?
Akram: Yes. It is the best university in India.
Shiva: What are other attractions of Delhi?
Akram: President’s House, Parliament House, Connaught Place, Chanakya Puri, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, Appu Ghar, India Gate are the main attractions of the city.
Shiva: Have you visited all these places?
Akram: Yes, I have.
Shiva: Is Delhi one of the best cities in the world?
Akram: No. It is not. But it is developing very fast.
Shiva: Can you show me your city some day?
Akram: Definitely. We can go on coming Sunday.
Going Abroad

Reema: To which country do you want to go?
Gauri: Canada.
Reema: Why do you want to go to Canada?
Gauri: It is a large and beautiful country.
Reema: Do you think Canada provides good career opportunities for young persons?
Gauri: Definitely. Moreover it is fun to live in Canada. It is a vast and almost pollution free country. Roads are wide. You can own a large house.
Reema: Do you have any friends or relatives in Canada?
Gauri: My uncle lives there. He is calling me.
Reema: What does your uncle do there ?
Gauri: He is manager of an automobile show room.
Reema: Where does he live?
Gauri: He lives in Toronto City.
Reema: When are you going there?
Gauri: Next month.
Reema: Have you got your passport made?
Gauri: Yes, I got it made last year.
Reema: Are you going there on a short tour?
Gauri: No. I am going to settle there. My uncle has a vacancy of receptionist in his showroom.
Reema: Have you cleared your IELTS exam ?
Gauri: I am preparing and sit for it after ten days.
Reema: Will you be able to go through it successfully?
Gauri: Any student whose sentence making is good can pass this exam easily.
Reema: By which airline would you like to travel?
Gauri: I would like to travel by Air India.
Reema: Would you marry a boy living in Canada?
Gauri: I haven’t thought it yet.
Reema: You are a graduate. Would you like to study further ?
Gauri: I shall do my MBA in Canada.
Reema: Would you call your family members after settling down there properly?
Gauri: Life will lose its charm without any family members with me. So, I shall try my best.
Reema: There are lot of opportunities in India too. India has become one of the largest economies in the world ?
Gauri: I think career opportunities in India are much better than most of the countries, but still I don’t like to live here.
Reema: Why ?
Gauri: Pollution, over-population and corruption are the problems I don’t want to face. Moreover I have been dreaming to live in Canada since my childhood.
Job in a School
Isha: Are you a teacher?
Henna: Yeah, I am.
Isha: In which school do you teach?
Henna: In Winners Public School.
Isha: What subject do you teach?
Henna: I teach science.
Isha: Which classes do you teach?
Henna: Senior secondary classes.
Isha: Do you like your job?
Henna: Yeah, I like it very much.
Isha: How long have you been working at your present job?
Henna: For the last five years.
Isha: Where is your school situated?
Henna: It is at India Gate.
Isha: Who is the principal of this school?
Henna: Mrs. Radhika Khanna.
Isha: How many teachers are there in your school?
Henna: There are thirty teachers.
Isha: At what time do you reach the school?
Henna: I reach at 7.15am.
Isha: When does the school break up?
Henna: It breaks up at 1.30pm.
Isha: Do you also give a lot of home work to your students?
Henna: Our school is working differently. We don’t give home work like other schools.
We teach them well at school.
Isha: Why don’t you give home work?
Henna: Too much burden of studies hampers the physical and mental development of a student. It may actually crush the talent of many students.
Isha: Doesn’t the policy of your school affect the annual result?
Henna: No. Our school is considered one of the best schools in India.
Isha: How are you able to achieve good result without home-work. Home-work helps a student to revise and learn better.
Henna: If you help a student to develop personality it helps him/her to have sharper brain and better health. It improves their performance.
Isha: How does the school help a student to get a good personality?
Henna: Every week we arrange a personality development session.
Isha: What do you teach them in this session?
Henna: We teach them the art of getting more brain power and art of meditation. We advise them to do exercise or play games everyday. It is necessary for physical fitness. We also advise them to read newspapers and watch informative TV programmes.
Importance of English

tance of EnglishSumit: Are you learning English?
Sarita: Yes, I am learning.
Sumit: Why are you learning it?
Sarita: Without it we can’t make a good career.
Sumit: Where are you learning?
Sarita: I am learning it at LSE.
Sumit: Why have you joined this institute?
Sarita: It is a good institute to learn effective English.
Sumit: What do they teach?
Sarita: They teach good sentence-making, vocabulary, conversation, fluent speaking, group discussions, newspaper reading, personality development, art of interview etc.
Sumit: Do they take any test before admission?
Sarita: They take a simple verbal test.
Sumit: What is the benefit of learning English?
Sarita: It is an international language. If we know English we can talk to others in any foreign country.
Sumit: Can’t we get a good job if our English is poor?
Sarita: It is very difficult to get a good job. In almost every big company interview is held in English only.
Sumit: In your opinion, what are other benefits of learning English?
Sarita: Students learn to make good sentences so they get better marks in all the subjects. We also get social respect.
Sumit: Can’t we improve English at home?
Sarita: Most of the persons learn incorrect English at home. We need guidance of a good teacher to be really effective in English writing and speaking.

Two Friends Talking About Job

John: In which company are you working?
Tom: I am working in Wipro.
John: What post are you having?
Tom: I am market executive in its printer department.
John: Do you like your job?
Tom: I shall work till I get a better one.
John: Which is the perfect job for you?
Tom: In administration. I like managing than marketing.
John: Do you like your boss?
Tom: He is a nice man.
John: Have you been given any conveyance by the company?
Tom: Yes, I have a bike, given by the company.
John: How long have you been working at your present job?
Tom: For last six months.
John: For how many hours a week do you work?
Tom: I work for 48 hours in a week.
John: How much salary are you drawing?
Tom: I am drawing Rs.15000/- plus 5% commission on sale.
John: Have you ever met Azim Premji the big boss of your company?
Tom: I attended a company meeting addressed by him. I haven’t been able to meet or communicate to him.
John: He is the richest man of India at present. What is your opinion about him?
Tom: He is very hardworking and dedicated.
John: Can you help me to get a job in your company? Is there any vacancy?
Tom: Haven’t you got any job yet?
John: No. I am still finding.
Tom: What have you done?
John: You know I have completed my diploma in web designing.
Tom: I have developed a good rapport with my boss. I shall talk to him about you. He may try to help you. Please call me after three days.
John: We have met after several months. Let’s have refreshments somewhere.
Tom: Let’s go to Bikanerwala then. It’s near and the best place to eat in this area.
Visit to a City

Rishi: Where did you go last week?
Mintu: I went to Chandigarh.
Rishi: With whom did you go?
Mintu: I went there with my parents.
Rishi: How did you go there?
Mintu: We went there in our car?
Rishi: Where did you stay there?
Mintu: We stayed at the home of my uncle.
Rishi: What does your uncle do?
Mintu: He is a retired bank officer.
Rishi: For how many days did you stay?
Mintu: We stayed there for five days?
Rishi: Did you like the city?
Mintu: Yes I liked it.
Rishi: Why did you like it?
Mintu: It is a well-planned and beautiful city.
Rishi: What did you see there?
Mintu: We saw Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake etc.
Rishi: What was the activity that you enjoyed most?
Mintu: I enjoyed boating in Sukhna Lake. It is a big and beautiful lake.
Rishi: How are the people of the city
Mintu: The people are friendly and energetic. They love music and food. Most of the people belong to middle class. Most of the women are wise, beautiful and educated here.
Rishi: Which language do the people speak there?
Mintu: Most of the people speak Punjabi and Hindi. Educated persons speak English too.
Rishi: Which type of food is eaten there?
Mintu: Chapatti, rice, pulses, vegetables are the favourites of the people.
Rishi: Are the people educated?
Mintu: Most of the people are educated and modern.
Rishi: Would you advise your friends to visit this city?
Mintu: Yes I would. It is a beautiful city. Everybody should see it.
Rishi: Did you have any bad experience in the city?
Mintu: Everywhere you have some bad and some good experiences. Luckily we didn’t have any bad experience there.
Rishi: How are you feeling after this vacation?
Mintu: I am feeling happy and relaxed.
Rishi: Where would you like to go next time?
Mintu: I would like to go to Ooty in South India.

Talking About Diet

Rubina: Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
Anju: I am a vegetarian
Rubina: Why don’t you eat non-veg?
Anju: I don’t like it.
Rubina: Do you enjoy fruits and vegetables?
Anju: I really enjoy them and eat daily. They are good for our health.
Rubina: What is your favourite fruit?
Anju: My favourite fruit is apple.
Rubina: Which fruit you don’t like to eat?
Anju: I don’t like papaya.
Rubina: And which vegetable you don’t like?
Anju: I don’t like to eat gourd.
Rubina: At what time do you take breakfast?
Anju: I take breakfast at 8am.
Rubina: What do you take in breakfast?
Anju: I mostly take bread and butter or fruits with milk.
Rubina: Don’t you enjoy stuffed paranthas?
Anju: We enjoy paranthas with curd but only on Sunday.
Rubina: Don’t you take tea in the morning?
Anju: I don’t like tea. My favourite drink is flavoured milk.
Rubina: What about cold drinks like Pepsi, Coke etc.
Anju: They are bad for health because they contain pesticides.
Rubina: Don’t you go to enjoy outside food at restaurants or hotels?
Anju: Only on special occasions.
Rubina: With whom do you go?
Anju: With my parents or friends.
Rubina: What is your favourite dish?
Anju: Potato parantha with curd at home and pizza when we go outside.
Rubina: What do you take in lunch and dinner?
Anju: Mostly chapattis with pulse or vegetable and raita. I also eat salad or fruit with each meal.
Rubina: So you try to take a balanced diet.
Anju: Every body should take a balanced diet because it is necessary to keep our body healthy.
Visit to a Music Concert

Madhu: Where did you go on Sunday?
Preeti: I attended a music concert.
Madhu: Where was the music concert?
Preeti: It was in Talkatora Stadium.
Madhu: Where is this stadium?
Preeti: It is near Dr. RML Hospital.
Madhu: Who organised this concert?
Preeti: It was organised by Lions Club, Delhi
Madhu: Which musicians or singers were called?
Preeti: There were two singers: Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik
Madhu: Who composed the music?
Preeti: Annu Malik.
Madhu: With whom did you go there?
Preeti: I went there with my family.
Madhu: How many family members went with you?
Preeti: Three – my parents and my elder brother.
Madhu: At what time did you reach there?
Preeti: At 8pm.
Madhu: What was the rate of the entry ticket?
Preeti: Rs.300/- and Rs.500/-
Madhu: How many audiences were there?
Preeti: About 1000.
Madhu: Did you enjoy the show?
Preeti: It was excellent. I enjoyed it very much.
Madhu: Did the audiences cheer the singers?
Preeti: They cheered many times.
Madhu: Did you eat anything there?
Preeti: Yes, we ate ice-creams.
Madhu: At what time did you come back?
Preeti: The show ended at 11pm and we reached home at 11.30pm.
Madhu: Did you tell your friends about this music concert?
Preeti: Yes, I told many friends.
Talking to a Student

Tony: In which class do you study?
Rinku: I study in 8th class..
Tony: What is the name of your school?
Rinku: Its name is WNN Public School.
Tony: How far is it from your home?
Rinku: It is 7 km far.
Tony: Do you like your school?
Rinku: Yes, I like it very much.
Tony: Why do you like your school?
Rinku: I like it for good study and discipline.
Tony: How do you go to school?
Rinku: I go to school by bus.
Tony: Does your school have a library?
Rinku: Yes, it has a library.
Tony: Who is the principal of your school?
Rinku: Ms.Renu Singh is the principal of our school.
Tony: How many students are there in your class?
Rinku: There are 30 students in my class.
Tony: How many friends do you have?
Rinku: I have ten friends.
Tony: Will you invite all of them on your birthday?
Rinku: Yes, I shall.
Tony: What is your birth date?
Rinku: It is 20th October.
Tony: Where do you celebrate your birthday?
Rinku: I celebrate it at my home.
Tony: Which games do you like to play?
Rinku: I like to play cricket.
Tony: Do you play it daily?
Rinku: No. I play it only on holidays.
Tony: Who is your favourite cricket player?
Rinku: Sehwag.
Tony: Which TV do you have at your home?
Rinku: We have Sony TV.
Tony: For how many hours do you watch TV?
Rinku: I watch TV for half an hour daily.
Tony: Do you watch TV serials or movies?
Rinku: No. I don’t. It is wastage of time.
Tony: What do you watch then?
Rinku: I watch Discovery channel now and then.
Tony: What are your parents?
Rinku: My father is a businessman and my mother is a doctor.
Tony: Does your mother have her own clinic?
Rinku: No. She is working in RML Hospital.
Tony: What is the business of your father?
Rinku: He is exporter of readymade garments.


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