Lesson 04 Ina-Russia

Agricultural Products of Indonesia and Russia should complement each other, it was said by Agriculture Minister Dr. Anton Apriyantono in his speach in the meeting between Indonesian agricultural entrepreneurs with Russian agricultural entrepreneurs in the Russian Chamber of Commerce office in Moscow Monday afternoon September 28, 2009.
Anton gave an example Indonesia products Which is needed by Russia, such as Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Oil palm, rubber, spices, tropical fruits, etc., while Indonesia needs from Russia such as flour (wheat), fertilizer raw materials, agricultural machinery , agricultural technology, etc.. If the potential of the two countries can be combined, it is very possible in the future Indonesia trade relations with Russia in the agricultural sector will be much improved from the already running now.
For information, the year 2008 the total exports of Indonesian agricultural commodities to Russia reached 105.4 million USD worth largely dominated by plantation commodities such as crude palm oil, tea, coffee, tobacco, rubber. While Indonesia’s total imports from Russia in the same year reached 23.064 million USD which is dominated by commodities, wheat and sugar.


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