Soal Past Tense


1.  I  (goed /went  / gone /  ) to the mall after school.

2. My brother ( seen / saw/  sees) a bear an hour ago.
3. (Did /Are /Does ) Mike visit his grandmother last night?
4. Alex did not  ( work/ worked /working )_last weekend.
5. (Was / Were / Are )Judy and Liz at last month’s meeting?
6. We (were / was/  did ) not happy after the sad ending.
7. (Are/ Did / Do ) you see Jody’s new dog yesterday?
8. Sorry, I (wasn’t / didn’t?  am not ) hear you at the door.
9. I ( studying/ study /   studied) English for two years.
10. What (do/ did/  were) you eat for lunch yesterday?


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