A stranger

Hi Endang,
Get ready for something a little naughty!

A stranger walks into a pub and sees a horse next to the bar with a
sign on him “Bet $20.00 and make me laugh and win all the money in
the pot on the bar” the stranger says to the old man sitting in
front of his beer at the bar who was watching his every move “Is
that for real”??? The old man says “It sure is, and no one has made
him laugh yet. Do ya wanna have a go?” and the old man has a
chuckle to himself. “All right then, says the stranger and puts up
the twenty dollars. He goes over to the horse and whispers in his
ear. The horse snorts with a big grin on his face… The whole bar
stops in stunned silence. The old man cannot believe his eyes. He
gives the stranger all the money in the pot and watches him put the
money in his jacket pocket, under his cap, and into his shoulder

When the stranger had left, the old man and his mates in the pub
discussed the unbelievable event. The old man keen to start another
challenge said: Okay he could make the old nag laugh but he sure
can’t make him cry. So they put up a new sign ” Bet $30.00 and make
the horse cry”. 1 week later the same stranger comes into the pub
and asks the old man if he could have a go at making the horse cry.
The old man figured he can’t be lucky twice and said “Sure, put up
the 30 dollars and go for it….” The stranger did and asked the
old man if he could take the horse out back ,promising he would not
beat or hurt the horse in any way… The old man told him if anyone
hurt that horse they would be a dead man, and agreed to it. After
about 5 minutes the stranger lead the horse back into the pub and
it was very evident the horse had tears streaming down his face
!!!! The old man was stunned and asked the stranger what he did to
make the horse laugh earlier and cry just now….. The stranger
again taking the money and tucking it away said “A weeks ago , I
murmured that my dong was bigger than his, today I took him out
back and showed him !!!!”



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