Australia: Tina 4

Dari                         : Tina & Brian

ke                            : ENDANG HAMBALI <>
tangga                   : 17 November 2009 16:44

subjekRE              : I am badly needed you, Mr. Brian and Tina

dikirim oleh        :

Hello Endang – I hope your family and school is well.  I have not heard from you for a while and was concerned for you safety with the recent earth quakes in your area. We are so lucky in Adelaide and do not have problems with earthquakes, storms or tsunamis. We are a very dry state in summer and very wet in winter. We are just moving into the summer season and unfortunately do have bush fires. On Thursday we are having temperatures around 40 degrees and then on Saturday 23 degrees and raining.


Tina has just passed her exams and is now qualified as a Sergeant of Police,  I am a Chief Inspector.  Our family is growing well and my son Aaron is getting married in Bali in May.  Once we book our accommodation and the date is fixed, I will let you know.  We will probably stay on for about 2 weeks if we can afford it.


I have just competed in the World Police and Fire Games in Canada in dragon boating and we won two silver medals and a bronze.  We then went to Alaska on a cruise. This was all at the last moment and we are now broke for a while.  We will have to build up our savings.  I have sent a picture of the dragon boating. I am the lead stroke in the front left


Take care and all the best


Brian Smith


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