Nama-nama siswa yang telah ngumpulkan tugas:
1. Handyaz Eika
2. Khayum
3. Liyana T
4. Nur Oktaviani

1. Roro Shindu Prajawati
2. Lilik Widyati TW
3. Febriana W
4. Chalimah
5. Evi Sofiani

many people imagine the sea horse to be a real horse living in the sea.This is not thue at all the sea horse is so called because it is a small creature with a horse like head which lives in the sea.
sea horse live in warm seas they have along,flexibel tail which they use for wrapping around weeds for support.they swim in an upright position,their movement being halped by a rapidly asaillating fin on their back.the male sea horse has a pouch in its abdomen.the female sea horse lays her eggs in this pouchs.
the eggs hatch about amouth later.the young sea horse are ejected from the pouch by means of muscular contraction.
i like sea horse because beautiful and funny
name XI IPA 2 :
Adhi arifianto(1)
Goldy novrizari s.(6)
Imron Bachtiar(10)
M.Faisal Arif(17)
wawan setiawan
Dikirim pada tanggal 2009/09/28 pukul 05:44
Group : – arif satoso
– nur arif setiawan
– three adi jati kusuma multazam
– wawan setiawan
class : IX IPA 2
The Sumatran Tiger
The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of all surviving tiger subspecies.Male Sumatran tigers average 204 cm (6 feet, 8 inches) in length from head to tail and weigh about 136 kg. Females average 198 cm (6 feet, 6 inches) in length and weigh about 91 kg (200 lb).sumatran Tiger can fast swiming.this big cat can life anywhere.
wawan setiawan
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Tugas Siswa Kelas XI : Sept. 2009
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Dikirim pada tanggal 2009/09/11 pukul 04:00
the hamster is funny,tis live in the has cute body,fur is very soft,it has fun,the colours interesting.
NAMA Anggota kelompok :
1. Desikasmiyati
2. Dewi safitry
3. Eni Rahnawati
4. Siti koidah
5. Sri Suprehatiningsih
Dikirim pada tanggal 2009/09/11 pukul 03:54
The butterfly
The butterfly very interesting of wings and the antenna.
Colour of the butterfly look more beautiful of the wings. Any kind wings of the butterfly is very interesting. Antenna of the butterfly is very beautiful, curved long.
We can easy give the butterfly. Usually butterfly will flying in the park. But if we want give the butterfly, we need an exact trick. The butterfly will secreting to catch, because it can avoid and fly upper, while our hand can’t it tired.
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Tugas Siswa Kelas XI : Sept. 2009
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gita yuliana
Dikirim pada tanggal 2009/09/10 pukul 09:23
We like monkey because monkey is like person.It is very extraordinary can to action same as person,that except it’s very funny and comfortable.
We are get a monkey in internet,tv,monkey story,or book.
We are get a monkey ussualy in zoo,or monkey show.
We can find a monkey when we are open a internet,see a monkey story or circuss.
NB:Pak dinilai yang bgus y?Thank you.
gita yuliana
rifki rizal
Dikirim pada tanggal 2009/09/08 pukul 06:37
We from cheetah group
personal name : Febrian Pradana
Galih Malik D.S
Muhammad Rifki R
Gumelar B.I
class: XI IPA 1
Chetah or citah is from sanskret language citraka which a mean is cat family or faliday which hunt with use speed and not group ,cheetah live in africa this animal is animal which most speed in the land,and can reach speed 110 km/hours in short time reach 660m with aceleration 0-100 km/h. in time 3,5s ,more speed from some supercar
rifki rizal
Hasan p,Alfiyati,A.chamid,Ari agus Kelas XI IPS 3
Dikirim pada tanggal 2009/09/03 pukul 06:13
bear is the one of most famous animals in the world .altougth bear is wild but bear have a beautiful fure and also very cute ……………….
in my bedroom i have many collection bear doll .its colours not only brown but also white and pink……….
its price about Rp.25.000_350.000,00 ……my purse is teddy bear ……bear also be the symbol of the love so…sweet ! in every years on the valentine celebration my darling always give me not only chocolate , flowers but also bear doll…..i love bear ….every nigth i always sleep together with my bear doll…..

Cat is a pet and funny have four legs,two eyes,moustache,tail,and sharp nail.The colour is white,black,brown,and grey.
it also have soft feather,short,and dense.
fish and meat is the food.
at night,the eyes is bright.
RAS of cat:
2.maine coon
3.british shorthair
5.chinchilla long hair
Saliva is cleaning hair strong.but can make alergi at save a energi with often sleep.Lasting variation between 12-16 hours/days.

by:Kartika N & Dewi Asmarani ( XI A2 )

I like with this animal because it is has full color, it’s simliar with mouse.Hamster are funny.They are funny pets.They eat hamster mix.They like fruits and nuts too.Only feed hamster things that are good for them.Where are you like to play with hamster.Classrooms have them for pets.Where are you take turns taking care of the hamster.So they stay healthy.Have you ever played with a hamster?

Nurul Hidayah

The lion

Do you know about the lion?. We will tell you about the lion.

Lion is carnivores and mammals. It wild animals it has four foot. Its claws are sharp. It has fangs are very strong. They can hear voices from 100 until 150 meters. The body is strong and big. It resembles a cat. The male is biger than the female. The male has many hair in the head and long tail. If the night her eyes to shine. Every body has a fure that soft and has brown colour. It roams in forest or in zoo . It has fase that horrible .

We like the lion because caracteristic’s lion is wise, as a king jungle, brave.

Siti muslihatun & Sunarti XI IIA 2


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