Spider: Sensory Organ

Most spiders are active at night, and as a result they use their other senses more than they use their eyesight, which is not well developed. In addition to the thousands of hairs found on the palps and legs that are highly sensitive to touch and vibrations, spiders also have hairs on their feet that they use to taste things. LABALABA 2

Most spiders have four pairs of simple eyes (eyes with a single lens) that are located on the front of the cephalothorax. The eyes are usually grouped into two or three rows that form specific patterns in different spider families. This eye arrangement is often used to identify and classify a spider.

Unlike spiders that are active at night, spiders that are active during the day, such as jumping spiders and lynx spiders, typically have good vision at close range (around 10 to 20 cm, or 4 to 8 in). Their vision easily rivals the eyesight of many insects, which have compound eyes (eyes with multiple lenses).

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